Cooking up steroids, I mean stuffing

By Laura Grimes

My mom is swimming her way south and the meat marathon has begun. Look what we got cooking on the stove:

Cooking up turkey broth.

We bought turkey wings just to make turkey stock just to make turkey stuffing just to go with Grammy’s turkey breast.

When Mr. Scatter asked The Meat Guy for “two turkey wings, one for each side,” the guy replied, “I don’t know if I can get you a matching pair.”

So we have mismatched turkey wings just to make turkey stock on the stove. All just for Grammy. We love her, even though I was ratted out about my last post when I compared her to an incoming missile. Oops.

This whole maelstrom was going on about the post while I sweetly chatted with Mom on the phone about pumpkin pie and stuffing, all the while thinking, She has NO idea.

Well, the jig’s up now. I’m sure we’ll have a wonderful time. Just to be sure, I’ve got a spiked egg nog waiting with her name on it. And I’m cooking up things just to make her happy.

Our semi-vegetarian house is not used to so much animal product. Read about our funny travails with all things dead in an earlier post.

Yes, we’re getting high on the dead meat. See for yourself.

This is our normal fridge:

This is our normal fridge.

This is our fridge on meat:

This is our fridge on meat.

Happy Cooking, everyone!