Done deal in the Senate; on to the slashing in the House

The Oregon Legislature makes some radical cuts/Wikipedia CommonsOver at Culture Shock, which has been keeping a close eye on the Oregon Legislature’s efforts to bridge the budget gap, Culturejock has just reported the state Senate has OK’d a budget that, among other things, grabs $1.8 million specifically donated to the state for use by the Oregon Cultural Trust — money that was supposedly legally separated from the state general fund. The story is from the Eugene Register-Guard.

Now it’s on to the House, where a vote is expected by Friday — and don’t expect a sudden turnaround, but do continue to register your protest. We are watching a particularly unsavory — and quite possibly illegal — sausage being ground. Sometimes that’s what state legislatures do. Culture Shock’s coverage has been excellent. Its most recent post is must-read, including some informed conjecture about possible next steps. Don’t skip the comments.