Scatter gives its dear readers a break

Art Scatter could generate yet another lengthy post on the nature of an American city that looks a lot like Portland, with special attention paid to its remotest precincts. But the reptilian side of Art Scatter’s hard drive is twitching at the very thought of it. Art Scatter’s tongue just darted out to gather in more protein on the wing — thwiiiip! (Yuck, a moth…)

OK, so instead, we’ll search the horizon for tasty links:

Director Julie Taymor’s Broadway version of “Spider-Man” may cost something on the order of $40 million to produce, according to the New York Post. Scatter hopes that local designer and Taymor regular Michael Curry is getting his fair share. Aw, c’mon. We KNOW he is!

And speaking of Money and the Theatre, much of the rest of Broadway and the not-for-profit theater world of Manhattan is cowering in the corner because of the Wall St. meltdown down the block, at least per the New York Times. The Conventional Wisdom that in bad times people flock to the theater to forget their troubles is going to be tested.

Louise Bourgeois is not a brand, she’s a creator of some of the most provocative art work in the past century, almost all of which she’s lived through (she’s 98). How potent is she? Just read the very personal account of Guardian critic Will Gompertz on how the Bourgeois show at the Tate Modern gave him a good wrenching. That’s her spider above. Julie Taymor, take note!