Shots like this, Backs Like That

From left: Danielle Vermette, Jerry Mouawad, Robert Gaynor in Carol Triffle's "Backs Like That" at Imago. Photo: Sumi Wu

If the show’s half as fun as Sumi Wu‘s production photo of it, it’s gonna be well worth catching. All of the Scatters will be out of town when Carol Triffle‘s new piece Backs Like That opens Thursday night at Imago Theatre, but maybe you’ll be in the crowd.

The word, according to the theater company: “Backs Like That is the fourth play in Triffle’s series of whimsical, off-kilter plays that examine small moments and large tragedies in the comedic turmoil of the playwrights lead heroine. Chloe is Triffles’ newest heroine who battles to keep a new job while her father, brother and boyfriend invade the office where she works.”

In the photo, from left: Danielle Vermette, Jerry Mouawad, Robert Gaynor. Great shot, Sumi!

All tickets free; you need a reservation; get it by emailing (Put “Ticket Request” in the subject field, and give ’em your name, address, city, state, zip.) 7:30 Thursdays-Saturdays, 2 Sundays through June 27. Don’t tell ’em which show you want to come to. They’ll tell which show they can fit you in. ‘Nuff said.