Sunday recap: week four

Do not be alarmed: below is a non-fiction comics super-post, which collects all four parts of last week’s series. It differs from the originals in some parts, but for those hardy souls who followed along, it is not necessary to read the edited version. Newcomers be warned: It’s long.

This is a good opportunity to mention a couple of the sites that have included Art Scatter in their deliberations. We were honored that Furious Nads, the One True b!X’s website, linked to us. If you don’t know the site, it is in the Scatter mode, too, mixing politics and culture in unlikely and furious combinations. We also have to give a nod to Portland playwright Steve Patterson and his Splattworks blog. Theater has been in the news lately, and Steve has helped us participate in the conversation. And DK Row at Oregon Live (not to mention The Oregonian) helped get us going in the beginning. Cheers, DK!

What’s coming up this week? Hard to say, but Vernon has been typing away feverishly on a Richard Powers post, and he may have something to say about a particular jigsaw puzzle artist showing at the Elizabeth Leach Gallery. Frank Rich and Stephen Sondheim are going to be in town on Tuesday and the usually heavy March flow of events is there for the fishing.