Terry Toedtemeier: a new book, a memorial service

UPDATE: Via the Port site, we pass along the news that KBOO’s Art Focus (90.7 FM) will hold a tribute to Terry Toedtemeier at 10:30 a.m. Thursday. Scheduled guests: Jane Beebe of PDX Contemporary (his dealer), John Laursen and curator Prudence Roberts, Terry’s wife.

From what I understand, Terry Toedtemeier had two “dream” photography books he hoped to publish. The first, Wild Beauty: Photographs of the Columbia River Gorge, 1867-1957, was just published by Oregon State University Press and the Northwest Photography Archive, and as we have said it’s magnificent. (More importantly, though, book buyers feel the same way — we stopped at Broadway Books today and Roberta told us that the book was selling very well.)

The second was a book of his own photographs. Maybe the striking images of the Oregon headlands he’d captured at minus tide from vantage points most of us never reach. But since his death last week, a broader retrospective seems to be more in order, and the photography archive, the non-profit that Terry founded with John Laursen, has decided to take it on. As their plans for the book become clearer, we’ll let you know.

They’ll need help, of course, and for those who want to pitch in, the archive is collecting money for the new book at its website. It’s a way both to honor Terry and support the organization and its mission — to preserve the region’s heritage of great photography. The site also reports that a memorial service honoring Terry will be held at the Portland Art Museum on Sunday, January 4. More details to come.