Ludicrous Stinkin’ Bottom-fill: A call for help!

The Smellovision machine!

The Large Smelly Boys hit the road again, this time with technological diversion.


Someone told us in all seriousness (hard to believe, we know) that word games are good for Large Smelly Boys and their ilk. We know all about ilk. We go through gallons (many plurals) of it every week.

So as a little surprise for the Large Smelly Boys and their many gallons of ilk, we have a new word game. Tired of them yet? Sorry if you are, but the truth is we need another cargo hold game. We’ll be on the road again tomorrow.

We’ll be the Scatter/Condiment Family Plus One. No, the Plus One won’t be an Extra Large Smelly Boy, part of our warped parenting mentality to keep the peace in the backseat. It’ll be a Doting Aunt who’s a veteran at traveling with us: Her iPod is always just an earbud away.

We’ll also have a new weapon this time: A working car stereo system. Ours conked out years ago, and I told Mr. Scatter that I wasn’t going one more mile with the bickering boys without an audio salve. We made sure to squeeze in a trip to the cartoy store last week between pickle preparations. Audio books are da bomb! We’re finally making our way through Lloyd Alexander‘s Prydain Chronicles.

But before we click on the dial, cue up the cargo hold game …

Oh, but wait! The game has a new twist this time. I’ve written only the top of the post. I need help with the bottom-fill.

Could you please? We need words that start with … LSB!

Lucky Sons a Britches
Luxurious Slimy Bananas
Laughing Silly Belches

Get the picture? C’mon and surprise the Large Smelly Boys. Provide some bottom-fill.

Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain

— Laura Grimes, without the LSBs