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Cars, beasts & museums: art by design

"Flayed Man," Richard Barnes/Blue Sky GalleryRichard Barnes

By Bob Hicks

It’s Friday, the morning’s dead trees have been delivered, and they bear proof that Mr. Scatter’s been a busy beaver lately (although he does not claim responsibility for chewing through the timber that became the newsprint that bears his words).

1937 Talbot-Lago T150-C-SS “Teardrop” Coupe  Lent by Arturo and Deborah Keller  Petaluma, California  Friday’s A&E magazine of The Oregonian includes Beautiful Bodies, Mr. Scatter’s cover story on the Portland Art Museum‘s new show The Allure of the Automobile, plus a review of Richard Barnes’s new show of behind-the-scenes photographs of natural history museums at Blue Sky Gallery and a brief look at the first group photo exhibit in the new gallery space at Newspace Center for Photography. Such a lot of stuff!

Since the cars are hogging the cover, let’s take a look at Barnes’s beasts first.

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