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Seventy-six trombones and a giant cow


A brief report from today’s Junior Rose Parade, where the arts were alive and well.

Tillie the Tillamook cow and friend. Rose Festival AssociationYes, long before the parade started, when people were still scarce, a driver held his hand out of a passing van and released two butterflies.

Yes, men do wear kimonos.

No, Mayor Sam Adams wasn’t to be seen.

Yes, City Commissioner Amanda Fritz walked the parade with a red skirt suit, black pumps, a big smile and a sign that read, “Hi, I’m Amanda!”

Yes, the best middle school bands were from Washington state.

Yes, the biggest cheers were for … (I kid you not) …

Tillamook Cheese (celebrating 100 years) with a giant cow and a giant cheddar loaf

and …

the Multnomah County Library.

— Laura Grimes