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Venti Smelly Boys go wild: Mysterious Unruly Whinings

Circus Parade, Albany, NY, ca. 1910

The Scatter Family hits the road, Mostly Unaware of Wrinkles.


The Scatter/Condiment Family is on the move again. The pickles have been stacked in the pantry and the beach toys have been packed in the cargo hold.

This week: Points North.

Next week: Points South.

To get from here to there: Get on I-5, go south, drive 10 hours, turn right.

Special instructions: Time trip to drive through Seattle at 3 a.m.

Special aside: When driving through Seattle, Large Smelly Boys mysteriously morph into Venti Smelly Boys.

Parenting tips: Remove sharp implements from cargo hold. Soundproof. Stock with water, snacks and car games. Toss in Large Smelly Boys. Toss in tree air freshener. Lock tight.

Tell Large/Venti Smelly Boys the cargo hold will be unlocked if they produce a blog post. Not surprisingly, they obligingly spill the bounty from their latest car game (cargo hold game?) … coming up with words that start with MUW. They take over the keyboard …

Mystery Under Wear
Mighty Underpants Woman
Merry Uppity Weasel

muw-2Mousy Undulating Waves
Mini Upstanding Wafer
Minor Unthinking Whuppass

Masterfully Uppity Women
Mayonnaise Usually Withers
Most Unusual Week

muw-1Missing Ugly Whale
Misanthropic Unruly Witch
Morbid Urpish Whittler

Malicious Uneasy Win
Men’s Underwear Weekly
Making Urban Weirdness

muw-3Malevolent Ugly Wench
Magnificent Ursine Whiskers
Making Ursula Whimper

Morticians Usually Win
Mainly Upsetting Wigs
Masticating Uncooperative Worms

Martha’s Uncle Whistles
Mighty Uncouth World
Munching Unusual Weed

Merry Urologists of Windsor
Making Unlikely Whoopie
Mighty Useless Winnebago

They typed nearly letter-perfect! I made only one change: I added the “S” in “Ursine.”

— Laura Grimes and the Venti Smelly Boys

While We Are Filling the Ice Bucket, The Large Smelly Boys Take Over the World (Act 1)

Martini makin's. Wikimedia Commons

Here at Art Scatter World Headquarters we’re madly preparing for a Gathering of the Blogbreaths by stocking up on two essential ingredients:




Rose City Reader is out of the running, celebrating her dad’s 70th birthday and entertaining The Bavarians. Mead Hunter of Blogorrhea fame is busy being all important at the Willamette Writers Conference.

We boldly (BOLDLY!) admit we’ve been caught with our pants down in full frontal nudity.

What to do but pour a strong one with some of our favorite compatriots: Barry “Remember Him?” Johnson (Portland Arts Watch), Martha Ullman “Superb As Always” West (frequent Art Scatter correspondent and probably the most highly paid) and Mighty Toy “Can’t Say Enough” Cannon (nee Mamet, of Culture Shock).

In the spirit of No, We Don’t Have Jobs But Can They Be Saved Anyway? we’re planning a little cocktail party, a blog summit, a throw-an-extra-olive-in-the Dirty-Little-Secret-Martini scheme of things. We know we get but a few comments per post. We assume No One will read What the Heck We Write. And yet we labor on with blind ambition and happy thoughts. The upside? Because we know no one cares, we free ourselves of self-conscious restraints and party merrily.

Today we drink. Tomorrow we drive.

So we offer these car games that have a HIGH LSB* rating.

While we’re busy being irresponsible, we’ve given over the blog reigns to one of the Large Smelly Boys (not to be confused with the Soggy Bottom Boys).


When we’re not playing What’s That Smell?** in the car, we take letters (often ripped right from license plates) and make up words to go with ’em. Most recently, we’ve come up with words for … MTC:

Mighty Terrible Contractions
Mo’ Tasty Cornbits
Marmalade Tooth Candies
Meat Thermometer Canal
Merry Ticklish Cows
My Teeny Chickadee
My Tiny Cockatoo
Moon Truck Chocolates
Mistaken Twin Cousin
Masculine Teen Car
Massage Therapist Candles
Monster Toasty Crayons
Mr. Two Cheeks
Morbid Toe Cheese
Mighty Tasty Chipmunks

Which conveniently brings us to …

CAR GAME, ACT 2: Stay tuned for tomorrow.

What crazy words do you think MTC stands for?

— Laura Grimes and Large Large Smelly Boy


*Large Smelly Boys

**Another game the LSBs like to play in the car is to take off their shoes and see how long it takes us to notice. The longest has been 5 seconds.