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So this dyslexic guy walks into a bra …

By Bob Hicks

You might have noted that today is April 1, also known as April Fool’s Day.

No foolin': Thirty-five grand worth of mouse.That accounts for the headline above.

But we’re not foolin’ about the picture. Artdaily reports here that this 1932 poster of Mickey Mouse, when he was a mere mouseling only 4 years old, pulled in $35,850 in a recent Heritage Auctions sale of vintage movie posters. Overall, the auction notched $1.5 million in sales, which also included a 1953 Paramount half-sheet for The War of the Worlds and a primo 1938 Boris Karloff Frankenstein.

Here at Art Scatter World Headquarters we can think of other ways to drop 35 grand — a term or two of college tuition for one of the Large Smelly Boys, for instance. But we admire the passion that drives a collector to such extremes.

If the folks at Disney will pardon the expression, that’s a mighty mouse.

One question: Is it OK to tack it to the bedroom wall?

Beach scatter: J. Austen, E. Jelinek, M. Mouse

The miracle (or the curse, depending on your point of view) of the Internet tubes is that they extend to the Oregon coast, and so, it is possible to share one’s vacation slides with the universe almost in real time. Not only that, it is possible to post from there/here, too. One suspects that it will be an excellent place from which to Scatter widely, if not consecutively, on such subjects as Jane Austen, Elfriede Jelinek and Mickey Mouse. So, having already 1) dipped nether digits into the briney Pacific, 2) ruminated on the pleasures the world offers while eating a smoked oyster from Karla’s Smokehouse (Karla is a genius of the delicate art of smoking), and 3) fought off the assaults of sand bugs attracted to smell of fresh meat from the city, we settle in to the broadcast booth to enter our code.
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